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Muzzleloader Elk Hunting – How, When, Where and Why to Use a Rattling Bag– August 1- September 5

Few elk hunters even know how deadly rattling can be for calling-in elk. Many hunters recommend that when usinga rattling bag, try to make the bag sound like two young bulls are sparring over a cow in estrus. When the big bull hears the sound, he thinks to himself, “Who in the world is that fighting? Is there a cow in heat down there? I better go check it out.” When you use a rattling bag, you’re simulating a fight in the schoolyard that everybody will come running to see. Using a rattling bag for elk hunting is much like using a bag for whitetail hunting. You can’t go out and expect a bull to come running to you as soon as you rattle the bag. For the bag to work, you have to know there’s a bull elk in the area, and that a bull can hear you rattling. Although this call will work anytime, it’s most effective during the pre-rut.When you start using that rattling bagduring the pre-rut, the elk will come to it, just like whitetails will.The rattling bag is the most effective from August 1 through the first few days of September. Muzzleloader Elk hunters will be amazed at how many elk they can rattle-in, if they’ll use a rattling bag.

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  1. This tactic also works great in the early rut if you bust it out on a bull that has held up on you. It is often just the ticket you need to convince him that there is relly something going on if he is a bit sceptical. Accompany this with a lost calf call to simulate a yearling being driven off by a cow entering esterous.

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